Caution: Wet Paint!

Yesterday, we got an e-mail at work letting us all know that some common areas were getting painted today and that the paint may still be wet when we come in to work. And lo and behold, the walls outside my cube were painted and still wet when I came in this morning. Now, of course, they’re dry, but still stinky.

My boss’s office also got painted, though it’s not a common area. I just came from back there, choking on the fumes and gasping for fresh(er) air. Add to this the beginnings of what I fear may be a bad cold (courtesy of Baby C, I think), it’s not much fun. But I get whiffs of fresh air whenever someone opens the break room door, so it’s working out fine for me.

I actually like painting. I don’t like the fumes, though. I bought paint for our front room (the Tiki Bar in progress) and entrance way, and I need to take a weekend to paint. This past weekend was no good (the last Harry Potter book came out, and I simply had to read it), so I’m hoping this coming weekend will be more promising. Either way, I’m thankful the front room has some nice windows that we can open up to air out the house a bit.


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