The dreaded call from school

Yes, they’ve already started: those dreaded calls from day care saying, “Baby C is sick. Can you come get him?”

Thursday afternoon, I got a call from his school saying that he had 3 runny stools right after another and that he’s really fussy, so can I please come get him? I immediately drop everything I’m doing, run into my boss’s office to let her know Baby C is sick, and dash out of work. I call the doctor’s office to set up a quick appointment for that afternoon (I love Dr. W, by the way – they saw him at 4:15, the last patient of the day), then my husband to tell him to get the baby and bring him to the hospital (where Dr. W’s office is located).

I am, after all, a new mother. I was actually ashamed I didn’t have the pediatrician’s number programmed into my phone (but it is now!).

When my husband got to Baby C’s school, Baby C was eating. And the 3 stools right after another? The first started at 11:45, followed by one at 12:55, and then one at 3:10. And he was fussy because he was hungry.


Then the teacher explained to my husband that the last stool was very runny, too.

But they’re all runny! He’s three months old!

So, when Cute Husband brought Baby C to the doctor’s office, the nurse was laughing at how “fussy” he was… only because he wasn’t fussing at all! He was smiling and chatty and his usual self. (His nurse loves him, too. But I think she loves all the babies.)

Anyway, we got a note from the doctor saying it’s okay for Baby C to return to school. Dr. W looked at Baby C’s “report card” (which is just a log of when he ate and got changed at school) and found nothing odd. And, as Baby C had also just finished pooping, Dr. was able to see a stool sample in the diaper (which was fluorescent yellow, an acceptable color). He also let us know what his definition of baby diarrhea is (which is actually quite good to know; I never thought to ask him before), and explained that, for as long as Baby C is solely on breastmilk (as he is now), his bowel movements are not going to be standard. He may have some days when he has none, and there may be some days when he has one after every feeding. There’s no telling. But unless it meets his criteria for infant diarrhea, Baby C is fine.

Daddy, on the other hand, was so upset with the school. Mommy was just relieved it was a false alarm.


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