Revisiting my teen Angst years (or, a review of "Everyday Is Like Sunday")

So, B and I saw Morrissey last night, something we’ve each been wanting to do for at least ten years. I’d waited moe than 15 years, and it was pretty spectacular.

One thing I must say off the bat is that Mr. Steven Patrick has an amazing voice, both recorded and live. I was quite mesmerized, really (though the man shouldn’t take his shirt off anymore – he’s getting a bit not-so-fit these days).

Alien Ant Farm backed him up last night, which I thought was pretty cool. He also played a lot of the Smiths, more than either B or I expected. After all, Morrissey has a pretty extensive collection of solo works, and, while I loved seeing him perform “The Queen Is Dead” and “Girlfriend in a Coma”, I was kind of hoping to hear “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful” (which I still think is a slight jab at his ex-bandmate, Johnny Marr, now of Modest Mouse). I’ll say this for AAF, though: they did the Smiths songs justice. I don’t think the Smiths themselves could have performed “How Soon Is Now?” much better.

B and I had incredibly awesome seats in the lower balcony of Hard Rock Live, so we were able to avoid the throngs of people on the floor below. (It also meant we were able to sit. After all, we’re getting a bit not-so-fit these days, too!) My only complaint was that Morrissey didn’t provide much of an encore. He came out, did one song, and called it a night. In my younger years, I would have pitched more of a fit, but as I left my husband with a fairly fussy little boy to go to the show, I didn’t mind so much. But it still irked me.

The other fun thing about the night was my ability to test out the video feature of my new phone. I realized fairly late into the show that the camera had a zoom feature! At any rate, I could only record 30-second snippets, which is probably a good thing, otherwise I would have filled up my phone and the little SD card, too! I can’t say the videos are amazing quality (in fact, I know they aren’t), but it’s a small way of sharing a truly memorable show!


3 thoughts on “Revisiting my teen Angst years (or, a review of "Everyday Is Like Sunday")

  1. No, this one wasn't a job perk. There are some occasional shows that we're allowed to go see because it's tied into some conference (Macy Gray is playing in a month, for example), but Morrissey wasn't one of them.

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