When talking to Baby C takes over my brain…

Babies, from what I’ve read, can only process so much information at once. And, like any other living beings, it takes a while for them to understand things. Take, for example, the baby’s name. Baby C may be familiar with the sound of his name because he hears it so often, but we still need to make sure he understands what (or rather, whom) the name means. He also knows who Mommy and Daddy are, though he may not necessarily apply the titles to either of us just yet. Labeling is very difficult.

As such, I read, it is important to speak of everything and everyone in the third person and refrain from using pronouns as much as possible. Once he masters the labels, then he can try his hand at pronouns (which usually doesn’t happen until well after he’s speaking).

Well, this morning, after I dropped off Baby C at school (where the teachers told me he is a very good boy – apparently, he only cries at school when he’s hungry… unlike at home), I looked at the clock and said (out loud), “Oh, Mommy left for work this morning later than Mommy wanted to.”

Never mind that Mommy has already dropped off Baby C. Never mind that Mommy is alone in the car. And never mind that Mommy has a full grasp of the use of both labels and pronouns.

Mommy has simply lost her mind.


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