New (old) favorite song lyric

So, I’ve been taking a break this week from putting the entire Green Day anthology on Shuffle and Repeat on my iPod and decided, instead, to listen to the Go-Go’s. (Yes, one of these days I will leave the letter G behind me. But a lot of good bands start with the letter G.)

Now, I love the Go-Go’s. They were my first favorite band ever. (We’re talking second grade, here.) And I was listening and singing along to their anthology (on Shuffle and Repeat – why break from tradition?), when I came across a newer song of theirs, released on Return to the Valley of the Go-Go’s called “Beautiful”. (The song was also featured in the movie Superstar, with Mary Katherine Gallagher.)

Anyway, the song has my new favorite lyric in it:

My life is ever so simple

My life is just what I make it

I think you think I’m seeing

Only things I want to see

The truth is that I’m being

Who I want to be

Beautiful is all I see when I look at me

How profound is that?

It’s really a shame they’re best known for “We Got the Beat”.


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