Saturday and nothing to do…

Well, nothing to do with a two-month old, anyway. I’ve been looking for Saturday classes or any Saturday activities that I can do with Baby C, and in this town, sadly, there’s nothing to do unless I want to take him to Sea World or one of the Disney World parks. Oh, or visit the library for Reading Hour which, much like the name implies, lasts about an hour.

Cute Husband has a number of home improvement projects that need finishing by the time Baby C is able to roll over, which will be, very likely, before the end of July. (And even if it’s not the end of July, it will be very soon after.) Why do these need to be finished so quickly? Let’s just say that right now, there are certain areas of my house that have an overabundance of choking hazards and/or items not-so-safe for little bodies. So, I’ve decided to take Baby C out of the house on Saturdays to give his daddy a day to either (a) map out a game plan for getting said projects finished or (b) work on said projects.

So, tomorrow, I may just pack up a diaper bag and hit the mall (sans credit cards) and just do some laps for a few hours. But it’s times like this that I really miss living in a major metropolitan area. [sigh]


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