Musings on the capacity of my infant son’s tummy…

Baby C is in school now, and each day, I send him off with several 5-ounce bottles. For the past two days, he has finished three of them (15 ounces, for those playing along at home). Yesterday, Baby C was hungry once he got home, so my husband proceeded to feed him. The five ounces I left for him in the fridge wasn’t enough, so he warmed up one of the daycare bottles and fed him that. And because that still wasn’t enough, I fed him directly from the tap when I came home. So, that’s 25 measurable ounces of food. That doesn’t even include what he ate in the morning (though I know his midnight feeding was more than five ounces because Cute Husband bottle-fed him then, too) or that afternoon directly from me.

Now, if you figure he weighs about 12-1/2 pounds now, that’s 200 ounces.The boy is eating about 20% of his body weight. I can’t eat 20% of my body weight. I don’t think I could ever eat 20% of my body weight.

Moreover, babies are only supposed to eat 32 ounces a day – max. When I told his doctor how much he was eating, Dr W was a bit surprised but merely said, “What comes in has to come out, so if you don’t mind the extra pees and poops, I wouldn’t be too concerned.”

Well, he had a very big pee this morning and a normal-sized poop. I warned his teacher that he might have a very big poop coming, but he’s also at that age when he could very well be storing it up for a special occasion.

Diaper duty has never been so much fun.


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