Baby C at 2 Months

Baby C just had his two-month check-up today… which also meant he got his shots today, too. Truthfully, he fared far better than I did. My brave little boy let out two very healthy screams, then proceeded to sob quietly into my shirt for a little while before he was settled enough for me to put him in his carrier.

My poor little baby. So, for the next few days, Dr. W told me to hold Baby C as much as he wants to be held. After all, getting shots are never much fun for anyone. It seems his legs are sore, but aside from that, he appears to be fine. I left him with Cute Husband this afternoon so I could go to work, and I felt so incredibly guilty for leaving. I don’t like getting a flu shot, and that’s only one needle. Baby C got stuck with three needles today!

At any rate, he is growing so fast. When he was born, he was 6 pounds 13 ounces and 19-1/2 inches long. Now, he weighs 12 pounds and is 23-1/2 inches long! Dr. W said Baby C is catching up with the rest of the crowd (Baby C’s statistics have moved up into higher percentiles).

So, we don’t go back to the doctor now until August for the next round of shots. After seeing how much they hurt him today, I’m really not looking forward to them.


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