Is it a good day or a great day?

Big Sis E used to ask my nieces this when they were younger. Back then, there were only good days and great days – and the difference between a good day and a great day was as simple as an afternoon in the park.

Today is my first day back to work, and I can say it’s been a good day so far. We had a bit of a busy morning (by “we”, I mean Baby C and I), complete with spit up, poopy diapers and a whole lot of toots. I sneaked out of the house while he was still sleeping, not that I really think he would have pitched a fit.

So he is at home with my mother-in-law this week, resting comfortably, I’m sure. I had a rough night last night, so I’m personally amazed that I’m still vertical, but as my mother often said of herself, I’m at work to rest. I told my boss this morning that she couldn’t possibly be as difficult a boss as Baby C is – she is at least able to verbalize exactly what she wants, rather than crying (sometimes screaming) at the top of her lungs until I guess what she needs.

Expressing here at work is very different from expressing at home. Well, that goes without saying. I use the ladies’ locker room of the corporate gym downstairs to pump, and while it’s not the most ideal surroundings, it certainly gets the job done. The environment also prevents me from getting too relaxed. The test today, though, is to see if I’m able to pump enough food for the baby. He has such a voracious appetite, I can’t help but be nervous about that.

So, to answer my own question, I think it’s been a good day. If, when I get home, I discover I’ve made enough food for Baby C and have kept up with his needs, that will make it a great day. Well, discovering that and having a shower and a nap. That would be a great day!


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