Thank God for Green Day!

Today, Baby C is four weeks old, and I’ve been able to keep him with me in his bouncy seat while I’ve worked on the computer. We’ve discovered he likes music; last night, each time I put him down after feedings, I let him drift off to sleep listening to Bach. But, as it is now daytime, I think Bach is a little too nighttime-ish.

Enter Green Day. For those new to the story, I listened to Green Day nonstop while I was pregnant. In fact, the first time I felt Baby C move, I was listening to “St. Jimmy”. It makes a good rock ‘n’ roll story, anyway. Well, here we are, nice and quiet (and blissfully asleep), even while the non-ballad-esque songs are playing. (No, I’m not playing music from my iTunes at full volume. I’m not that bad of a mom.)

Oh, as I was writing that last bit, Baby C woke himself up just as “Waiting” started playing. (This, by the way, is my favorite Green Day song right now.) It looked like he listened for a few seconds, and he is now just hanging out with his eyes wide open. God bless Green Day!


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