The joy of a sleeping baby

Baby C is asleep right now, which has given me enough time to have some yogurt, load the dishwasher, wash some dishes that wouldn’t fit, take out the recycling, pay bills, and a few other things (like jump online and write a post about what I’ve been able to do this morning). I ought to be sleeping right now (Lord knows I’m exhausted), but I’m trying to be a little productive this morning so that I don’t feel so bad about napping with him this afternoon. (Baby C still needs some light therapy. He’s not bright yellow, but he does still have a yellowish tinge to him and I want to be able to honestly tell his pediatrician on Thursday that I exposed the baby to indirect sunlight.)

He’s sleeping an awful lot, but his moments of quiet alert time are increasing, as they should. For this reason, it’s a lot harder for me to plan my day because I don’t know how much alert time we might have, or when. I’m trying to discourage quiet alert time in the evenings in hopes that Baby C will learn the difference between day and night (daytime is for play, nighttime is not), but that’s also a lot easier said than done. It’s like this bizarre dance: you don’t want to discourage him in any way, but you also want a few precious hours of sleep.

But at least he’s sleeping in his room. Mind you, we need to swaddle him as tightly as possible (though he somehow always manages to get an arm loose), but it does the trick of calming him.


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