He’s actually in his crib!

Okay, you’ve no idea how insane the past few days and nights have been. Well, if you’re a Mommy, then you know, but just bear with me. I had no idea how insane the past few days and nights would be.

Baby C would not stay in his crib for more than a few minutes – just enough time for me to grab something from the fridge or snuggle with my husband for a few fleeting moments. The result was that either Cute Husband or I had to hold him the entire day, which, darling as it is sounds, is a logistical nightmare. He slept with us in our bed the last four nights, which means I really didn’t get much sleep at all.

Anyway, last night, he took his pacifier for the first time. It was such a monumental moment, I wrote it down on my calendar. He slept in the crib all of five minutes last night, though, which I figured is at least a start. But now, he has actually been in his crib – not necessarily sleeping, but just hanging out (which I totally accept) for the past twenty minutes. I can hear him cooing a little, and I did need to go in there really quick to check on him and replace his pacifier, but other than that, I’m in motherhood bliss!

I just hope it lasts… and that he’ll be able to sleep on his own tonight.


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