April showers bring May babies…

I had my baby shower yesterday, courtesy of Jen and Mark. It was a lot of fun, and I have to say that Chris and I were incredibly overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. B and Doug got us the cutest little outfit for Baby C – it’s a Kenneth Cole ensemble complete with distressed jeans (even the bottoms are just slightly frayed – as if he’s been wearing them for years!), an oxford shirt and the cutest little corduroy jacket in chocolate brown. The boys were all saying that if they take him to LA, Baby C will get into the Viper Room with no problem, while they would still be waiting outside.

We had one game at the shower – really, the only game I could tolerate, since this was a co-ed shower. The object was to cut a ribbon the closest to my new and expanded waistline (without going over) – and whomever was closest won a $25 gift card to Borders. I don’t know how she did it, but Jen was actually spot on in her guess! It was really funny. Some of the guesses were way off – by a good foot or more – and only one person was under in her estimation.

For me, the best things about the shower – and the most humbling – were the realization that we have a lot of good friends who are anticipating Baby C’s arrival as much as we are and the knowledge that he is going to be accepted and loved by a whole lot of people right away. He’s got a number of great people he can look up to as he grows up, and I’m so glad for that.

It’s really hard for Cute Husband and me, knowing that we are so far away from our families and that Baby C won’t get the chance to see his grandparents, aunts, and cousins very often. It’s similar to how my sister and I grew up, though, because for the longest time, we didn’t have family in the country, let alone in the same city. So, my parents bonded with their friends from the Philippines who moved to Southern California and created a different kind of extended family for us. This explains why I’m much closer to one of my friends than I am to many of my real cousins. (For one thing, she speaks “Eileen”.)

I’m very happy knowing that Cute Husband and I have created an extended family of our own (albeit unintentionally), and that Baby C will be surrounded by lots of people who love him already. And I’m feeling much more prepared for Baby C’s arrival now.


3 thoughts on “April showers bring May babies…

  1. Nothing personal but when I hear "baby shower," I run for the hills or commiserate with the dudes. I'm glad however that baby C is being welcomed. That matters a lot to a baby.

  2. i attribute my "spot on-ness" to …. you are the size i hope to attain when i hit 35 wks….but since i'm a few sizes bigger than you normally, i don't think its going to happen 😦 i'm going to be a house 😛

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