10 things I don’t love about my pregnancy

I’m having more difficulty getting comfortable these days. The latest and greatest pain has been my coccyx, which is just very awkward because it’s not like it’s something that can be fixed, per se. It’s just a dull, throbbing pain that doesn’t seem to lessen unless I’m hunched over my exercise ball or leaning against a wall. Neither position is particularly conducive to sleeping.

So, I thought this would be a good time to compile my list of 10 things I don’t love about my pregnancy. Here they are, again in no particular order:

1. Acne. I have the worst acne I think I have ever had in my life. It’s on my chin, on my neck, behind my ears, on my chest, and all over my back. And it’s not like the little annoying pustules I had throughout adolescence, either – these are horrible, cyst-like things that multiply on a seemingly hourly basis. It doesn’t matter what kind of wash I use or how often I use it or how deeply I scrub at my skin until I’m certain I’ve taken off three layers of my epidermis – and even my old Neutrogena Rapid Clear Gel standby doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. No, these are just a result of my hormones going out of control, and I think relief will only come once they’re regulated again.

2. Late night potty breaks. In the first trimester, it was annoying, but not a real pain. Of course, in the first trimester, I didn’t weigh upwards of 150 pounds and I could easily vault myself in and out of bed. And, in the first trimester, I didn’t have difficulty fully emptying my bladder. But lately, my nocturnal bathroom visits are becoming more cumbersome, and I think the baby almost likes to play “How Long Will Mommy Wait Before She Gives Up?” with me as he compresses my urethra. These are the fun games I play with my son while he’s still in utero.

3. No more cuddling. Well, no cuddling the way we could before my belly swelled to gigantic proportions. My husband and I still have our quiet time together, but I miss being able to wrap myself around him and snuggle against him. It’s the best way for both of us to fall asleep, but I can’t do it anymore because I haven’t been able to sleep on my side in months. And I really miss cuddling my husband.

4. A different relationship with food. Now, I love food. I think food is wonderful, especially when it’s prepared well. But I haven’t had the luxury of really being able to enjoy food these past few months, and I really do miss that. Before getting pregnant, I steered clear of fast food restaurants and avoided french fries like the plague. Now, it doesn’t matter so much what I eat, as long as I’m not hungry anymore. And that is a sad, sad state.

5. Odd comments from random people. I have a big belly. (How big is it?) It’s so big that I can wear drawstring pants again as long as I tie the drawstring under my breasts. This is normal – it’s not like I’m the first pregnant woman in history. In fact, I’m sure there are thousands – maybe even hundreds of thousands – of pregnant women around the world as I type. And it’s inevitable that we will all get big bellies, for big bellies mean healthy children. That said, is it really necessary to remind me how huge I’m getting? Or to ask me how much longer until the baby comes? At least people don’t touch my belly unless I tell them it’s okay. The brave few that have reached out sans permission had their own bellies rubbed in turn. Really, if that’s their idea of a warm greeting, why should I be rude in response? Anyway, it only happens once.

6. Maternity clothes. I found some cute maternity clothes. I really did. I’ve even passed along those that didn’t fit me for long, and I’m really quite proud of some of my finds. Mind you, a lot of my tops are my pre-pregnancy tops or my husband’s T-shirts (though I do have 7 or 8 actual maternity shirts), but, for the most part, I think I’ve been able to maintain a certain degree of my personal style. That said, I’m tired of my maternity wear. After all, I only have 4 pairs of pants that still fit me (but require a constant tugging at the waistband) and one dress. I really miss the broader selection of clothes that I had before I got pregnant. And I miss wearing my cute little sandals, too.

7. Fatigue. I am normally a very energetic person. I’ve been known to multitask around my house and successfully tackle multiple projects without even complaining of an aching toe. When I went back to school for my MBA, I was working full-time, took a full-time load of classes, and picked up a part-time job because, well, I had some extra time. Those days seem like such a distant memory now. Midway through my workday, I find myself longing for a nap, and by the time i get home, I am so tired I can barely scrape together a meal for my poor husband. (Yes, he does know how to cook, but we also have an unfinished nursery that he’s working on.) Add to this sleepless nights and my increasing inability to find a comfortable position for anything, and you get a better idea of how much I don’t love this constant feeling of fatigue.

8. Swelling. Absolutely everything about me is swollen now, from my nasal passages to my toes. I swear I’ve grown two chins, though my husband doesn’t agree (but he did say my face was a little “fuller”), and I’ve recently taken to only wearing my wedding band because of my new Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and my poor, stubby little fingers. The only part of me that hasn’t swollen – and for this I am incredibly thankful – is my butt, though my hips get wider each day as my pelvic bone continues to split. [sigh]

9. Nightmares. Now, some of these are funny in retrospect, but they certainly don’t help with my already sleepless nights. I’ve never been a fan of bad dreams, but they are increasing in regularity, which I really don’t love. I ought to be thankful for them though, because, as awful as the visions are, having dreams mean I’ve entered that period of deep, restful sleep.

10. Almost constant discomfort. I thought I would end the list with the thing I don’t love that prompted me to write this post. I don’t like being uncomfortable. I don’t think anyone does, come to think of it, which would probably explain why babies are born to begin with – it’s too damned cramped in there! If I’m sitting, my coccyx hurts. If I’m standing or walking around, there’s all this pressure on my pubic bone. If I’m lying down, it’s my sciatic nerve acting up. I haven’t tried standing on my head yet, but I don’t know how comfortable that would be after a while, either.

Now, in all fairness, these 10 things all crept up on me during the past few weeks. Well, except for the acne – that started in the first trimester, abated in the second, then came back with full force in the third. So, that being the case, there really are more things I love about being pregnant than things I don’t love.

But if I could pick one thing I could do without, it would probably be the discomfort.


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