I hate getting sick

I was so hoping this sudden spell of sinus misery would disappear overnight, but it appears I’m still stuck with it. Sunday night, I felt a little dryness in my throat and could feel my post-nasal drip getting worse. It hasn’t gotten much better. The plus side? I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, so if this gets worse I know I’ll be able to deal with it over the weekend. But that’s the only plus side I can think of.

As I type, I have my thermometer in my mouth, willing for it to stay as close to normal as possible. I took a Tylenol last night before bed and again after my third trip to the bathroom, and I felt my fever break around five o’clock this morning. I’m really hoping I’m fine – more importantly, I’m hoping the baby is fine, though he’s been so active, I can’t imagine he’s feeling the least bit lethargic. It’s only that he’s so close to term (I start Week 34 in two days), I would hate to take something that may affect him adversely.

Phew – 98.43 degrees. It appears I will live, after all.


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