I am such a bad aunt…

My niece, J, turned 6 years old yesterday. It’s really hard to believe she’s six – I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I found out she was born. Hell – I remember the day my sister told me I was going to be an aunt!

Anyway, I put together her birthday present this weekend, and I even brought it to work to mail out on Monday. After all, if I sent it on Monday, she would receive it on Thursday. Well, with one thing and the next, it stayed in my office, waiting for a shipping box and packing material, until last night. And, as I didn’t get it out before UPS had their last pick up here, she won’t get her present now until Wednesday.

I really am a terrible aunt.

The thing is, I was much better about sending presents to my nieces when they were still very little and too young to understand the full significance of having their presents on time. And now that they’re getting older, I’m so upset with myself for not being more on the ball. What’s even more pathetic is that I’ve had her birthday card ready since Christmas, and I had her present put together with plenty of time to send it… only I got hung up on the logistics portion of gift-giving. It’s actually pretty typical of me, to be honest; back in the day before e-mail, I would be so good about writing back to a person, only to drop the ball when it came to getting a stamp on the envelope (or even getting the letter into an envelope) to send out.

I need to be better about this. I’ll need to get a perpetual calendar to help me remember everyone’s important dates once the baby comes. I’m certainly going to need all the extra help I can get!


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