Baby Shower stationery

My friends Jen and Mark are hosting a baby shower for me – though it’s really for Baby C. They’re both accomplished chefs, so I’m really looking forward to it – just for the food alone! But it’s also going to be nice to see a number of my friends whom I don’t often get to see.

I worked on the invitations last night. My friend B thinks I’m insane for wanting to make my own shower invitations (I made my wedding stationery – comparatively, these shower invitations are nothing!), but it’s something that relaxes me and keeps me occupied while I’m staying off my feet in observance of Cute Husband’s wishes (except when I’m doing household chores, on which I am terribly behind  – laundry, dust bunnies and dishes don’t seem to care that I’m pregnant and somewhat swollen).

So, I’ll post pictures of the invitations and thank you cards when I have them finished. I really wanted to send the invitations out today (the shower is April 1), but the printer wasn’t hooked up to the computer at home until late last night, and I didn’t get a chance to print out envelopes. I could hand-address them, I suppose, but it’s perfectly acceptable to receive a shower invitation that has been printed opposed to hand-addressed. I checked with Miss Manners. Besides which, B’s right – I’m technically not supposed to do anything shower-related except offer my home as a venue and set up a registry.

I’m excited about working on the thank you cards next. I think I’m one of the few people who likes to “mass-produce” cards, but there you have it. B gave me a really cute stamp of a very stylish pregnant woman (which we’ve already established I am definitely not), and I’m anxious to use it. I think I know what design I want to use, and it will, of course, match the invitations beautifully. That’s my favorite part of making stationery. I can make everything match (and use up all the remaining scraps of paper from the first project).

The thing that makes me nervous about the upcoming shower is that the house won’t be ready for company. There are a number of people on the invitation list who have yet to visit our house. If only I had the energy I had a few months ago, when I was bouncing out of bed at 4 am and cleaning everything in sight. Actually, I could even do without all the extra energy – I really just wish I could move without waddling!


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