Playtime with Baby

Every morning, before he leaves for work, Cute Husband says goodbye to me and to Baby C. (For those who are new to the story, Baby C is still in utero, so saying “goodbye” to him means rubbing my belly.) Anyway, we were talking and he was telling me that my mother-in-law was leaving this morning, probably around the same time as I would leave for work, and that I didn’t need to rush to be presentable and say my goodbyes to her. Then he put his hand on my belly, and some part of Baby C popped up on the other side of it. So Cute Husband moved his hand to where the baby popped up, and Baby C moved to the other side. It was like they were playing “Whack-a-Mole”, only there was no whacking involved (that would have been too painful).

Finally, Cute Husband put both hands on my belly, and his son settled down and stubbornly (or perhaps obediently?) wouldn’t move.

On a totally unrelated note, despite all the food I’ve eaten this past week, I’ve only gained a pound! That brings my grand total to 29 pounds gained over the last 30 weeks, so I’m right on track! (Week 31 starts tomorrow…)


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