How much do I love where I work?

For one thing, making myself at home (and very obviously propping my feet up on a chair) has not fazed anyone. Even the Director of HR popped by to check on me, and she said I should bring in an afghan to lay across my lap – and maybe a small dog or cat – and I would look right at home. I said I knew it wasn’t the most professional look, and she laughed and said, “Are you kidding? At least you’re comfortable and productive – that’s better than the alternative.”

Another thing: there’s almost always food here. Sometimes, you just need to be patient, and the food will appear. Of course, since people feel sorry for me because of my awkward gait, it means people will bring me food! A couple of weeks ago it was a burger and fries. Last week it was a salad and some strawberries. Just now it was popcorn and some pretzels. How can you not love a place where you are well-fed?

The other thing I love about this place is how genuinely interested everyone is in the little (or not-so-little) baby. The Acquisitions Manager likes to tease me about how much bigger his belly is than mine when he passes me in the hall – to which I’ve countered, “Give me a few more weeks!” And the ladies in Payroll are all so interested in my weight gain – mainly because they like to see how much I’m gaining (compared to what they’re trying to lose). It makes my weekly weigh-ins more entertaining.

It’s like a big happy family here. I’m so glad I’m not dealing with the stress-fests that my sister and some friends had to ordeal during their third trimesters!

2 thoughts on “How much do I love where I work?

  1. That's one of my favorite things, too! Of course, they always say, "Now, this is for the baby, not for you," but as I'm the only conduit the baby has for a while, I'm happy to humor them!

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