Off my feet today

So, after a barrage of lectures from my sister (whom we’ve already established is always right), my father, my mother, my husband, and my friends, I actually decided all these well-meaning people may have a point. So, I rearranged my cube at work a bit, moving a chair against a wall so I can prop my feet up on it while I work. It required moving the computer monitor a bit closer to the edge of the desk so I can see what’s going on (I still haven’t gone to the optometrist to get a new “pregnancy eyeglass” prescription), but so far, it’s working. I discovered last night that if I’m sitting completely upright with my legs not propped up, it hurts to walk when I start getting mobile again. This is the best way I can mimic lying in bed while still doing my job at work. Plus, I can ask others to run to the breakroom for me to get me glasses of water. 🙂

Have I mentioned how much I love where I work?

I also resolved to swallow my pride and use the elevator now. I only climb one floor, and I feel really silly taking the elevator for one floor, but I think I can suck it up for the next 7-10 weeks.

I’ll report later on my progress of staying off my feet. It’s not something I typically do very well, but I will certainly make the effort.


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