About that thing to expect…

Apparently my mother-in-law suffered through this when she was pregnant with my husband. All it means, apparently, is that my son will probably be about as long as his dad when he is born (almost 2 feet), which, considering my 5’1″ frame, would definitely explain my discomfort.

The apple won’t fall too far from the tree, after all.

I left work a little early yesterday to go home and rest, and I discovered that once I was in a horizontal position, the most painful thing in the world was to sit upright. Needless to say, I slept most of the night in a near-upright position, and I was able to get out of bed fairly easily this morning. And, sure enough, it’s much less awkward today than it was yesterday – so it really is getting a little easier every day to move around. Of course, this has some advantages and disadvantages. On the one side, people feel so bad for me that they will patiently hold doors open for me, get up from their seats to let me sit down, and let me move to the front of the line in the bathroom (okay, that last one only happened twice). On the other hand, I’m walking like a duck and often catch my coworkers (the men, anyway) laughing at me.

My mother brought me a maternity dress, which I decided to wear today – and I’m so happy to not be wearing pants! I actually didn’t want to get out of my pajamas this morning (I was far too comfortable), but once I put on the dress it was just wonderful. Sadly, there’s only one dress, so I’ve already warned my coworkers they’ll see it once a week. It’s also not typically my style (I’m a skinny jeans and V-neck tee type, myself) because it’s so matronly, but I don’t think my engorged belly or swollen ankles would exactly land me a contract with Victoria’s Secret, if you know what I mean.

Comfort is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re pregnant!


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