41 inches

That’s how big my waist is now, and I’ve still got 7-10 more weeks to go. And, as I consulted my calendar, I realized I have 7 more weeks to get my taxes done.(Thank God for Turbo Tax!)

I am officially waddling, and it looks like my ankles have started to swell. Today is the first day in a while I’ve walked around in flip-flops (love this Florida weather), and when I put my feet up, I caught sight of my ankles! It almost looks like I’ve sprained both of them – they’re really unsightly. I wish I knew this before I left the house this morning, but it was so warm outside when I left that I don’t think I would have wanted to wear sock and shoes, anyway. My rings are a bit snug, but as they’re not cutting off circulation, I’m determined to keep wearing them. In the interim, I will increase my fluid intake and hope it reduces the water retention, at least a little bit.

So there’s all this speculation at work now about when I’m actually going to give birth. More ladies have remarked that my belly looks lower, which it may well be, except that I still find it hard to breathe because my diaphragm is still awfully crowded. Besides, my obstetrician said everything looks fine and I’m growing exactly as I should be, so I’m truly not overly concerned about it. This was the last of my monthly meetings – I begin my biweekly appointments at the beginning of March (just in time for another month-end – joy!), which is also when Cute Husband and I begin our childbirth classes.

But now the urgency to get the house ready for the baby is growing daily (much like my waistline). I feel terrible about this – despite all my nesting in earlier weeks, there’s still so much to do! At the very least, the nursery needs to get primed and painted, the furniture built, some additional pieces ordered, the cabinets and outlets child-proofed, etc. [sigh] But at least we have a way for Baby C to get home safely, a place for him to sleep, and diapers for him to dirty. After all, what more does a baby need?


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