Another reason I love my husband…

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while, you’ll know I firmly maintain I have the best husband in the world. No, he’s not perfect (none of us really are – besides which, it took him a few years to decide to marry me), but he is really very good to me and I absolutely adore him.

I don’t know why, but I think of strange comments or questions to ask him in the mornings. Sometimes I’m wide awake when I do it, sometimes I’m half asleep. Sometimes my commentary is either part of or resulting from a recent dream, and sometimes it’s something I’ve been mulling over for a few days (or weeks) and have finally composed into a (somewhat) logical argument supporting something.

Last night, he and my father-in-law had to make a late-night run to the Home Depot to pick up some supplies for the Tiki Bar. (Backstory: The Tiki Bar has been under construction since February 2006. It’s awesome and is going to look incredible when it’s done, but it’s been a process.) So, this morning, I asked him to call me if he and/or his dad need anything from the Home Depot again today so that I can pick it up on my way home. Mind you, it’s not next door to work or anything, but it’s not as much out of the way from my work as it is for Cute Husband to get all the way home and have to turn around to come all the way back.

Well, he said he doubted they would need anything but said he would call me if they needed me to run over there. And since I could potentially be heading that way, I asked him to consider getting a dimmer for the nursery – after all, if turning on the lights hurts our own eyes when we’re barely awake, imagine how Baby C would feel!

Now this is why I love my husband:

He said, “That’s fine. You already know what kind you want to get, so go ahead and get that.”

Backstory: I used to work for a building materials wholesaler within their electrical division – in fact, a big part of my job for the first 6 months was working on a catalog of electrical products. I know my dimmers very well.

It makes me smile just thinking about his response. Even funnier was my lunchtime trip to the Home Depot (I had to run to Target and it’s right next door) where I made a beeline for the dimmers and knew exactly which manufacturer I wanted to go with (but had to carefully consider between two models). Meanwhile, there were men in the same aisle asking the sales associate about key features and benefits of some of the switches and dimmers… and I just smiled to myself.

So, I maintain that I have the best husband in the world because he trusts my ability to research, even when it’s in the realm of a traditionally non-feminine area like home improvement goods. I may not be able to pick out paint colors, but I can certainly make an educated decision when purchasing electrical products!


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