I’m so clumsy (and other musings)

It’s like my hands don’t want to work and I’m dropping everything. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal except that bending down to pick something up is such an ordeal.

I discovered something today, though now that I think about it, it’s not that novel of an idea. To keep the baby from sleeping during the day (and keeping me up all night), I put one of my ear buds in my waistband so he can hear the music, and the other goes into my ear. It seems to be working. It sounds like a science fair project.

My father-in-law is visiting this week and I’m very excited. I wish I was able to stay home this week and spend some time with him; he’s very good at telling stories (my son will appreciate this, I’m sure), and it’s fun to hear about my husband’s childhood. It makes me wonder what kind of little boy my own son will be. My own family is coming to visit next week, and it will be really nice to see everyone. Sadly, all my time off is reserved for the baby’s pending arrival, so I’ll have to work in my visits with them before and after work.


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