Wide awake with nothing to do…

I’ve been awake since about 3:15 and finally gave up around 3:45 on the hopes of being able to fall back asleep. At least it’s Friday and I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow. Well, except that we’re going to take our aged computer equipment to Winter Haven (a good 35 minutes away) to recycle it in the morning before my father-in-law arrives (I think he’s coming tomorrow). But at least it’s Friday.

So, Wednesday night, anticipating that I wouldn’t sleep through the night, I ran a load of laundry. I figured that if I woke up in the middle of the night, I could at least transfer the clothes to the dryer and be productive. Well, I slept through the night, waking up at 5 – at which point I transferred the clothes – and then folded them before I left for work at 8:15. By last night, I had no laundry to run, the dishwasher wasn’t full yet, and the recycling had just been picked up, so I am actually caught up on housework. Even my shoes are neatly lined up in my closet!

I just paid all my bills (love that Online Bill Pay) and balanced my checkbook. Once Cute Husband wakes up I can shred all traces of my existence (my payment stubs, anyway) before I get ready to go to work super early. [sigh] Beyond that, I really have nothing to do.

Martha Stewart would say that I should use this time to tile a table for the outdoors or develop next month’s dinner menu or something ridiculous like that. The sad thing is that if the nursery was cleared out and ready for primer, I would probably start painting! But as it’s not, I think I’m going to crawl back into bed and keep my husband company for the next half hour or so, then get up while he’s in the shower and eat some cereal. That’s enough excitement for me.


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