I want new clothes

Let me start by saying that I’m enjoying my pregnancy. I know I’m complaining about not sleeping and getting kicked and 2 o’clock backaches, but in spite of all that, I’m really enjoying myself. I’ve grown accustomed to looking at myself in the mirror and seeing myself with a big Buddha belly, and I kind of dig it.

But I want new clothes.

The spring and summer lines are starting to come out, with fun, flirty skirts that would look so cute with sandals (and I wouldn’t even need to buy new tops – my existing tops would work just fine!) and all these wonderful, bright colors… But I can’t fit into the non-maternity clothes just yet and I just can’t justify in my brain spending money on something I will only get to wear once or twice. (The dress I wore to my sister-in-law’s wedding doesn’t count… and for what I spent on it, I still think I got my money’s worth.)

And to make matters worse, I feel so incredibly guilty for wanting to be able to wear all the cute non-maternity clothes I used to be able to wear! I feel bad because I really do like carrying my son around, though I swear he’s getting heavier each day, and I feel bad because whatever I would spend on new clothes, I really ought to either save for his education or spend on things we need for him (like diapers or baby furniture).

[sigh] The mother’s guilt has already begun…


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