“I want nibbles!”

So, I just got off the phone a little while ago with my sister. She sent us a gigantic box of goodies for the baby, and she wanted to explain what some of the items were. Many were self-explanatory (books, for example), but others had stories behind them.

Included in the box were a number of bottles, which, it turns out, were my nieces’ favorite bottles when they were babies. “You’ll just need to get new nipples for them,” she said, “or I can even get new nipples for the baby.”

My younger niece (Miss M – age 3) then said (loud enough for me to hear over the phone), “I want nibbles!”

“You want nibbles?” my sister asked. “What kind of nibbles would you like?”

“The kind you’re getting for the baby,” Miss M responded.

My sister then explained that she was buying nipples for the bottles, not nibbles. I, however, sat laughing in near-hysteria on the other end of the line.

This is why I love kids. They crack me up.


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