Time for my daily afternoon back ache…

I can almost set my watch by it.

Every day, around 2 o’clock, my back starts to hurt. It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a huge meal (I thought for a while there it was some kind of misplaced heartburn) or if I’ve just been sitting quietly at my desk drinking water (or, as the case is today, a soymilk smoothie) – my back will start to hurt.

Yesterday, I finally had the foresight to bring my heating pad with me to work, and I’m using it again today. I also used it last night to relax my back muscles enough to let me sleep for a good 4 hours on the couch before I finally crawled into bed again. I keep it on the lowest heat setting and refuse to move once I’ve found the right spot, which is admittedly awkward after I’ve printed reports and am wondering how to teleport them from the printer to my desk. But I digress.

Jen was telling me last night that in comparison to her other pregnant girlfriends, I seem to be having the worst time of it. Honestly, I don’t know any better. Maybe I am sleeping with an inordinate number of pillows, and maybe my back shouldn’t hurt as much as it does. And maybe I shouldn’t have a bigger waistline than my husband’s at this point, either. But I don’t know any better. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s mentioned in the “What You May Be Experiencing” section of any of my books or favorite websites, then whatever I’m feeling is normal and valid, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

I’ll admit, though, this recurring backache is my least favorite part of being pregnant.


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