Messiness is okay?

So, yesterday on Sunday Morning (or was it 60 Minutes? I can never remember…) and this morning on the Today Show, there were stories on the evolution of attitudes towards messy spaces and clutter – basically, that messiness isn’t as terrible as people make it out to be.

Here’s my take on it (and the “expert” they had on the Today Show basically said as much): if I can’t find something because of the clutter, or if the messiness is causing me anxiety (which, for a pregnant woman, is never a good thing, anyway), then a messy space is not good. I certainly don’t want my house to be a museum, but I also don’t want to have piles of unnecessary papers all over the place. And by “unnecessary”, I mean paid bills and old catalogs and magazines.

My brain is so foggy right now (and has been of late) that having to deal with a cluttered desk at work is enough to reduce me to tears. I’ve been known to drop everything and take 15 minutes to clear off my desk – whether that means filing stuff away or throwing it away – and then return to work as if nothing happened. It was never like this at previous jobs; I guess the tedium of staring at reports in teeny tiny print negates my ability to cope with a cluttered desk. Besides which, unlike the rest of my department, as an analyst, I don’t need to be creative. So the “cluttered desk = creative mind” theory just doesn’t hold with me.

I guess I’m just thinking of the mess that used to be my apartment before we moved into our house and it makes me shudder. I’ve discovered I function much better when things are put in their general location.


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