It all begins with a shiny sink…

…except in the case of my master bathroom, my sinks only now are shiny!

I cleared off the counter in the bathroom a few weeks ago and, except for the baby powder that seems to get everywhere, it has stayed clean. I dare say it has even stayed clutter-free! But, alas, the sinks were still icky. I don’t know how sinks can get so dirty, but they do.

Anyway, I woke up this morning at around 7 and decided to finally tackle the sinks. Just 30 minutes later, both sinks are clean, the fixtures shiny, and I’m happy! (Then it was on to all 3 toilets in the house for their biweekly scrubbing… but I’ve got that system down to a science so it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for all 3 toilets.)

I love it when bathrooms are clean.

So, that has been about all I’ve accomplished today. I took a three-hour nap while I was waiting for the clothes in the dryer to finish (once I finish up here, I’ll get those folded and put away), but I did manage to unload the dishwasher, prune my plants, and balance my checkbook, so all is not a total loss! But I still have some ironing to do (which I’ve put off all week – if my back wasn’t hurting so much the other night when I woke up, I would have done it then), so I suppose I ought to do that once I’m finished folding laundry.

Oh, if only motivation came in a bottle!


5 thoughts on “It all begins with a shiny sink…

  1. and if only motivation could be sent as an email attachment! you're making me feel guilty for having the most hellish bathroom known to man!hmm. actually, maybe you have convinced me to do a bit of cleaning… 🙂

  2. I'm trying to take advantage of not yet having to keep an open eye/ear for my son and do as much cleaning as I can now. I actually inspired myself after I posted – I cleaned the tops of the washer and dryer (they're both front-loading; when we bought them I rationalized the flat surfaces on top would mean I could fold laundry there) before folding the laundry. Then I actually did some ironing (two of my husbands shirts, one of my own, and the shirt he wore on our wedding day that I needed to press and stick in the preservation box with my dress) and Swiffered the laundry room and kitchen floors before I decided I was too tired to do anymore.And as much as I wish I could say it was all done by 11 this morning, it wasn't… I live on the East Coast (and vox time is always Pacific…)!

  3. I am so clueless. It seems that I don't pay much attention to Vox. *lol* I didn't realize that it is on Pacific time.You still have way more energy than I did while pregnant! I never had that "nesting phase" people always talk about.

  4. I used to live on the West Coast and I still have lots of friends there, so I'm always aware of the whole time difference thing. My friends would look at my post and ask me why I'm blogging at 5 in the morning when it's really 8 my time – stuff like that.
    But after I thought about it, I did have just about everything done by 11 – and then I took my 3-hour nap! LOL I'm hoping the energy level stays; I've been warned it will start to dissipate in the 3rd trimester (which, for me, starts on Thursday – not that I'm counting!). But I'm also hoping I'll get that last nesting surge in the final month, only because there's still so much to do around the house!

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