Glucose Screening Today

Today I go in for my Glucose Screening Test, and I really can’t say I’m excited. For one thing, I don’t like soda, and everyone says the stuff they’ll make me drink tastes like orange soda. For another, I had to stop eating and drinking at 1:30, and, despite having 3 burritos and an orange for lunch, I’m still hungry.

I’m very nervous about the test because my paternal grandmother had gestational diabetes with all 6 kids (and ended up having diabetes later in life, despite being as thin as a rail), and I really don’t want to develop it myself. One of the ladies at work had it and it just did not look like much fun. But I’m a (fairly) healthy eater, helped along by my major chocolate aversion (which, unlike the aversion to chicken, hasn’t subsided).

[sigh] I guess I just have to hope for the best. I just know I’m going to bestarving by the time my appointment is over!


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