Warning: He pushes back!

Baby C isn’t at the point yet of showing impressions of his elbows, knees, or feet attempting to come through my belly (which, honestly, is what it feels like he’s trying to do sometimes), but he does like to squirm around in there an awful lot. On Sunday afternoon, I explained to Cute Husband that when he sees my belly button really sticking out, it means his son is pushing up against it. So Cute Husband put his hand on my belly and very gently pressed on it.

And the baby pushed back!

Today, on my way to work, he started kicking me pretty forcefully (my fault, really – listening to Green Day gives him free rein to start his private mosh pit), so I put my hand where he was kicking and told him to settle down a little. To no avail, mind you – he kicked my hand and then moved to the other side.

This child already has a mind of his own.


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