The car seat/stroller is on its way!

So this means, at the very least, we have a way to bring him home from the hospital. The crib should also arrive this week (yay!), so once I get the mattress, he’ll have a place to sleep. Everything else is incidental.


We decided on the Graco Vienna travel system because the stroller has adjustable handles (since Cute Husband and I are very different heights). As he will use the stroller at least as much as I will, we definitely need adjustable handles. And since Target is having a 10% off baby products special this week (online only, of course!), I figured this was as good a time as any to use up some leftover wedding gift cards and get the car seat, stroller, and an additional base for the car.

I never thought I would be this excited about a stroller.

Setting up a baby registry is very stressful and totally different from setting up a wedding registry. I have no idea what he is going to need, what toys he’s going to like, how big he’s going to be when he’s born, etc. I know some things would be totally adorable to have (like tiny Doc Martens that match my husband’s and mine), but as far as things he needs, I’m at a total loss. You’d think I would have picked up a thing or two watching my sister take care of my nieces, but, alas, much like academics, my thirst for knowledge of practical matters manifests itself only when my brain needs to process and retain this information. It’s very sad.

So, my collection of items for baby is steadily growing and I’m very pleased. Next week: crib mattress!


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