I have such an awesome sister!

Of course, this realization has been late in coming – I only discovered it, oh, 8 years ago or so, and she’s been my sister for 32! What sparked this realization? Well, on my part, anyway, it was accepting that, yes, she has been somewhere close to here before so, yes, she probably knows a thing or two about [fill in life crisis/change/mystery here].

So why the post only now? I don’t know. Lots of other things to rave or complain about, I guess. But today she sent me a very special package: 2 baby-related books that I’m enjoying reading side-by-side. Not that they’re meant to be read that way, mind you. But my brain doesn’t work very well (I’ve asked my husband at least a dozen times in the last 72 hours if what I’ve said made any sense), and I’ve discovered multi-tasking keeps it in check… sort of.

She recommended both books to me, for different reasons. The first book,The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy, had me laughing out loud within the first few paragraphs. It’s the funny side of pregnancy – and an affirmation that, no, I’m not the only woman out there whose acne came back with such force I could have sworn I was in 8th grade again. After the first chapter, I had to put it down to make dinner, and I started reading the second book, Baby Bargains. While Baby Bargains wasn’t the hysterically funny book The Girlfriends’ Guide is, there’s a ton of great information in it, and I already feel much more prepared to set up a baby registry. It’s just a matter now of putting pen to paper and writing out a list of what we’ll need so that Cute Husband and I can check everything off.

I’m enjoying both books immensely, and I’ve only had them in my possession about 3 and a half hours. This is what happens when I start to listen to my older sister. I start to appreciate her wisdom.


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