Parting with paper

I resolved last night on my way home to go through my pink papers and decide what I will realistically use (since I’m having a little boy) and what would be better served giving to someone else who can use them for scrapbooks about little girls (or things requiring pink paper). It’s not that I think pink will be inappropriate for my son’s scrapbook pages, but… Well, I take that back. I won’t use pink paper for his books. Except maybe for Valentine’s Day. And Mother’s Day (since that’s about me). So, I did keep some of the paper, just not all of it. Besides, I can (and should) make Valentines out of them, too.

Hey – it’s a start. At least it’s 55 fewer sheets.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start really thinking about making my baby announcements and the shower invites (Jen and Mark are throwing us a baby shower, and Jen’s letting me make the invitations!) this week, and possibly nail down a design for at least the shower invites this weekend. It’s just hard because inspiration is a bit lacking right now.

The plus side, though, is once I have these announcements and invitations made, I’ll be able to part with even more paper!


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