Making progress

Well, some progress, anyway. I bit the bullet and finally decided to get rid of my gigantic box of recipes I’ve been collecting since, well, 1999. I did a very cursory glance through them and decided on keeping a few (my mother-in-law’s waffle recipe, my mother’s shomai recipe, the world’s best oatmeal raisin cookies, etc.). The rest have been unceremoniously reboxed and placed in the recycling bin. Really, I don’t look at them, anyway, so why bother keeping them?

I also got rid of the extra rehearsal dinner invitations (no small feat – I’m very sentimental about my paper), though I did keep five – just in case someone wants to look at them. (They will likely get tossed in another two or three years, I know, but I’m just not ready to part with them completely!) I also moved this wire shelving from the office into one of the guest bedrooms, and my plan is to have all the stuff that won’t fit into my scrapbooking closet either trashed, donated, or sorted and stored in the guest bedroom by the end of the day. It’s actually quite doable. In fact, I’ll bet if I really focus (meaning I don’t stop to look at every scrap of paper), I could be done by 3.

So, with that thought in mind, I’ll come back and 3 and report on my progress. Who knows? I may even be done sooner!


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