Can’t… eat… enough…

First of all, allow me this statement: I like food. I really do. I love cooking, eating, and just savoring food.

That said, I am so sick of eating. I realized it yesterday when Jen and I were at Sweet Tomatoes – which, by the way, is all you can eat. I was shoveling food into my mouth, not even really enjoying it, but just getting it into my body the quickest possible way because I was so damned hungry! In fact, if I didn’t need to be back to work, I probably would have been there until closing.

I can’t eat enough. All the websites are telling me I might not be eating the right foods (“Eat more fiber!” they say, not realizing I get more than my share of fiber each day) and that my baby is telling me, in his own subtle way, to eat a wider variety. I eat salads, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, rice, vegetables, oatmeal, burgers, meatballs, steak, potatoes, the occasional fish, a ton of cereal and enough dairy each day to keep at least 3 cows busy. I don’t want candy, chocolate, or anything sweet, so it’s not even like I’m getting a whole lot of empty calories. Ice cream has even lost its appeal.

I am so over eating. I think the weight I will lose after the baby come is largely going to come from the fact that food is no longer fun for me.

Why the rant on food? Because I was awakened – again – at 1:30 AM, from such blissful sleep, absolutely starving. And the last time I ate was about 9:30, which I still think is pretty late! So, it was a bowl of cereal for me, which means that I’m now wide-awake as well as still hungry (though no longer starving). “Eat something warm that will lull you back to sleep,” the websites say, completely missing the point that when my son tugs on his umbilical cord and says, “Woman! Food! NOW!“, it does not include an allowance of 5 minutes to make oatmeal. I think the trip from the bedroom to the kitchen is about all he can stand.

And this is something else no one warned me about.


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