The wonders of sleeping on a feather bed…

I’ve wanted a feather bed for as long as I can remember. It might be because of that John Denver song, or because it was something my parents just never thought of having. After all, no one really collects feathers to stuff pillows, mattresses, or anything else in the Philippines. In fact, I really don’t think there would be a point of having a feather bed in the Philippines, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, some very good family friends gave Cute Husband and me a feather bed as a wedding present, which was a huge surprise because I think it’s something completely extravagant. But I was also afraid that, with the warm weather we usually have here in Florida, it would be too warm to use. Even if we only used it a few weeks out of the year, I reasoned, it was still worth having a feather bed.

So, last night, after suffering with an aching back most of the day, I asked Cute Husband if he would be okay sleeping on top of the feather bed, just so I could see if sleeping on a soft surface would really help me rest. He agreed (I didn’t think he would mind; after all, he would sleep on a cloud if he could – I’m the one who likes firmer mattresses), and I put the feather bed onto our mattress and rearranged the bedding.

Oh my goodness – I think I slept better last night than I have in a very long time. I fell asleep promptly (I’m usually wide awake for at least an hour after lying down), and I didn’t wake up until after 4! It was glorious – and it didn’t even make the bedding hot, which was my biggest fear. I was so comfortable (surrounded by my 8 pillows – I realized I needed another pillow as I was settling in last night, and Cute Husband was kind enough to grab one from one of the guest rooms for me), it was absolute bliss!

I don’t know that sleep will ever regain its status as a favorite pastime, but the feather bed sure made sleeping more comfortable!


One thought on “The wonders of sleeping on a feather bed…

  1. i'm buying new sheets this weekend and now you have me craving a featherbed!! my husband probably wouldn't like it, though, as he can't stand feathers poking out occasionally. we've actually switched away from feather pillows for that very reason!

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