So far, so good!

After one week, my housework is still caught up. Hey – baby steps, right? I woke up yesterday morning, looked at my laundry bins (which I use as my gauge to determine how much housework I will have for the day) and saw they were still fairly empty. It was a wonderful feeling, knowing that I was actually caught up on laundry! (I’m running a load of laundry this morning as I write, though – after all, clothes, like dishes, get dirtied every day.)

At any rate, not only is my laundry caught up, so are my dishes – and my kitchen is a beautiful place. My refrigerator has nothing growing in it, the shelves are clean, and I have plenty of room to fill it up during today’s shopping trip. My cooktop is clean and degreased, my kitchen sink is shiny, and my dishwasher awaits dirty dishes. I’ve been completely honest with myself in deciding whether to keep leftovers (leftover dinner for Cute Husband’s lunch = good; leftover cake just because it was my birthday = bad). Life in the kitchen is good.

So, I turned my attention to my master bathroom. See, this is the bathroom no one sees, only because, well, the whole purpose of insisting the builder add a half bath was so that we didn’t have to allow people into our master bath!. Well, over the past year or so, stuff accumulated. From whence, I honestly have no idea. But this week, I took a Ziplok bag and collected all the travel-size amenities I’ve collected from hotels (something I get from my mother, no doubt) and brought them to work with me to donate to a local battered women’s shelter. I also purged the medicine cabinet and began putting other things away. It’s not completely clutter-free, but it’s a lot closer now. On the plus side, I was able to put out one of our wedding presents and put it to good use!

I also did some scrapbooking yesterday, finally putting together my pregnancy scrapbook – well, the journaling part of it, anyway. After Christmas, I printed out my weekly journal (up to Week 20 – we’re in Week 23 now) and trimmed it so that I had it ready to go for my scrapbook. And it remained in a stack – first on the coffee table, then on my craft table – for nearly 3 weeks. Since I didn’t have any laundry to do yesterday morning, I treated myself to a few hours of scrapbooking, which essentially meant attaching said journal entries to the actual pages. It’s not done, of course; I still need to print out pictures, but the stack is gone – and I used some scrapbooking supplies to boot!

But the best thing of all, I think, came courtesy of BK. See, BK makes jewelry, and she does a very nice job of it. Unless she tells you she made something, you really wouldn’t know it didn’t come from a store. For Christmas, my husband and I gave her, among other things, some jewelry-making idea and technique books, one of which had a lot of ideas for working with wire. Well, I just so happened to have a whole bunch of colored wire in my scrapbooking closet which, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve never used, despite attending a seminar which inspired me to buy everything related to working with wire. I passed the lot on to her last night, and it benefited both of us equally: she was pleased to have the chance to try out new techniques and create colored wire accent pieces (really, for free), and I was pleased to have it out of my closet! Mind you, it didn’t take up a lot of room and was actually one of the few things put away, but it was so nice to give it away nonetheless.

As I said, so far, so good. It’s all in baby steps, of course, and I certainly won’t beat myself up if I don’t give anything away next week or if I need to run a load of laundry next Saturday morning. But I’m pleased to say I’m not doing a terrible job of getting caught up on housework. More importantly, I’m not undoing anything I’ve already done. And for that, even just one week into 2007, I think I’ve done well.

I may even deserve a cookie!


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