Not inspired today…

I’m not feeling inspired today. Not that I need bursts of inspiration while I’m at work, mind you – there’s really not a lot of creativity needed when building spreadsheets and providing feedback on possible patterns. I have one report on my To Do List today, and even that – which is almost finished – hasn’t inspired me. [sigh]

Today I’m going to Jen’s house to make hors d’ouevres for Sunday night. I like to have everyone over for New Year’s; it’s something I picked up from my mother. She always said that she’d rather we be at home drinking and carrying on than at someone’s house, where we would ultimately have to leave to come home. Not that I’ve been doing a whole lot of drinking lately. It’s jsut a safety issue.

Anyway, I can’t even think of any hors d’ouevres or other menu items that sound tasty. I’m wondering if part of it is because pregnancy has made me a very picky eater (and thus a picky cook?), but I’m really just not feeling it.


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