Babies everywhere!

One of my very good friends called me last night to let me know she and her husband are expecting! I’m so very excited for her. Our kids will be about 3 months apart in age (she is due at the end of July; I’m due at the beginning of May), so we’ll have lots to talk about, comparing notes and what-not. I told her that I’m so excited to have a friend who is pregnant with me so that I’m not pregnant by myself (which, really, I never was nor will be, but sometimes it feels like you’re the only woman you know who is going through this – everyone else has already done it or has no idea what you’re talking about).

After we were talking for a while and I told her I was knee deep in researching the creature comforts for my son, she said that she’s glad she got pregnant after me so that she can benefit from all of my thorough research! Even funnier about that, though, is she is just as much of a geek as I am, so I refuse to believe she won’t be doing research of her own.

It was also nice to compare notes on how we were feeling… She’s entering Week 11 at the end of this week, and I’m at Week 22. We talked about ill-fitting clothes (I gave Motherhood Maternity, my favorite maternity clothes store, a recommendation – there’s an outlet not too far from Walt Disney World and they have cute clothes at reasonable prices) and when we started to feel our normal clothes getting tight. I went through my journal and found that it was in Week 8 that my clothes just weren’t working anymore, and that I went shopping in Week 9. She said that made her feel a whole lot better because everyone she was talking to said they didn’t start to show until the 5th month! I told her that was bunk; she may well end up carrying the baby all up front like I am now, and that’s probably why I developed a little paunch so early.

So I’m really very excited for her and her husband. But I’m also super psyched to have a pregnant friend, too!


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