Aha! (Or, why I’m expanding so rapidly…)

I went back to the doctor yesterday to have some more measurements done on my little boy. It appears he is running a little older than initially calculated (5 days), which isn’t a big enough deal to change the due date but definitely explains why he put on 3 additional ounces since my last visit on Thursday! I, on the other hand, weighed one pound less than I did last week (which, for those math geeks following at home, means a net loss of 19 ounces to me, since he took 3 of them). I’m not concerned. I’ll manage to put that pound back on, I’m sure.

So, my little baby boy, while still little for now, is apparently not going to stay that way for much longer. The doctor said he looks very healthy, and he’s very active (a good sign) and everything is where it should be right now. Oh, and I got confirmation that, yes, my baby is, indeed, a boy.

My mother doesn’t think I’m going to make it to May; she reminded me that all three of her children were born at least 3 weeks earlier than expected. I’m just enjoying this for as long as I can. There’s something strangely comforting about feeling your baby moving inside you, and it’s intriguing to watch my belly undulate a little when I lay down and patiently wait for his movements. I’ve noticed the past couple of days that he is very good at reminding me to use the bathroom often; I think he enjoys kicking my bladder when it’s full. Cute Husband says it’s because it’s taking up precious real estate in his son’s already crowded abode.


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