It’s a boy!

No doubt about it – that’s a boy!

My little baby is unmistakably a little boy. He was very cooperative this morning during the FASU (albeit more than a little active – he kept kicking my bladder and other parts of my body) in showing himself, though he could barely keep still long enough for the technician to capture a few stills in 4-D.

So, we will be welcoming our still unnamed little boy into the world sometime this spring. We’re so excited!

On a related note, Cute Husband didn’t need to exercise a whole lot of patience tonight to feel the baby move. I laid my head in his lap, he put his hand on my belly, and not long after, our son was already kicking hard enough for Cute Husband to feel him. We’ve also got a big baby coming, I think. Most babies in Week 20 are at about 10.5 ounces, and ours was estimated to be about 13 ounces. He also looked very long, especially in the legs – something I guarantee he picked up from his dad. I can only guess at how much bigger my belly will get – I already had a 35-inch waist as of this morning!


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