QotD: Very Superstitious

What are your superstitions?
Submitted by lazywong.

Ooooooh, I have a lot of superstitions. The crazy thing is that I think I’ve picked them up from my grandmother (on my dad’s side) because my parents aren’t superstitious and my mother’s family isn’t superstitious at all.

I suppose it depends on the occasion, because there are so many superstitions that are dependent upon different events. My poor husband got to hear about all the wedding ones when we were planning our wedding, some of which I wisely ignored (pearls on your wedding day, for example, mean that you’ll spend most of your married life in tears, unless it’s balanced out by a good deal of crystals or diamonds – which represent smiles – in which case it will be fine) and some of which I was adamant about upholding (I didn’t cry because it would mean I would have an unhappy marriage, I didn’t see my wedding dress until I was getting dressed because it meant I had faith in my family, and the first time my wedding ring was on my finger was when my husband put it there because, well, if you try on your wedding band ahead of time your wedding will not go through or your marriage will fall apart soon afterwards).

When we moved into our house a couple of years ago, I was adamant that the first box we bring into the house be the one containing rice, salt and sugar. The rice is so that we’ll never go hungry, the sugar is so that our life will be sweet, and the salt is to preserve the peace in the house. Crazy, right? Well, it’s worked so far.

Being pregnant, I’m very careful to stay away from cemetaries and people I don’t like. The first is based in little fact but makes some sense when you think about it. The superstition behind the second one is funny (I don’t want my child to behave like the people I don’t like, so I avoid them) but also has some medical rationale (people I don’t like are more apt to cause my blood pressure to rise).

Superstitions aren’t supposed to be logical, anyway.


One thought on “QotD: Very Superstitious

  1. see….another reason why i won't be pregnant any time soon…..i can't avoid people i dislike/hate….i work with alot of people i can't stand…..:)

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