Blood drawn again today

When I was at the doctor last week, they needed to draw one more vial of blood for my Triple Marker Screen test but my veins weren’t cooperating and what little blood they drew kept clotting. So, I needed to go back and get blood drawn for the test. The doctor said as long as I did it before the FASU, we’d be fine.

The FASU is next week, and with the holidays upon us, I knew I needed to get this done quickly. I got up earlier than usual today (not too long after my husband left for work, really), showered, dressed, and forced at least 12 oz. of water into my system, hoping that it would keep my blood flowing enough for the lab to get a vial out of me.

Well, it worked. I got to the doctor’s office at 8:45 this morning and was out by 9. Debbie, the Wonder Nurse, was there to draw my blood (she had already left when they were drawing blood last week), so it was a quick matter of getting my vein to surface a little (it’s cold, so that took a little while) and then draw the blood. One poke and that was it! And I still got to work on time.

This whole Triple Marker Screening kind of freaks me out, but at the same time, if there’s a chance there could be any problems, I know Cute Husband and I would feel better having a few months to prepare for it. My next regular check up is right after Christmas, so we should have the results from the screening then. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the little kicks and punches in my belly that, sadly, my husband can’t feel from the outside yet!


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