I think the baby moved…

Let me rephrase. I know the baby is moving around a lot (not much else to do when you’re trapped inside someone’s tummy), but I think I’m starting to feel movement now.

On Saturday on my way to the grocery store from my shopping trip at Old Time Pottery (the boys were over at our house and I was guessing they were hungry), I felt a little bubble pop in my belly when “St. Jimmy” started playing on my iPod (I’ve been listening to the entire Green Day anthology for a week now). It was then met with a few more “pop” “pop” “pop” feelings all over my belly. I thought, “Could it be?”, but didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I just ignored it.

Yesterday morning, as I was writing an e-mail, I felt another series of discernible “pop” “pop” “pop” sensations – in the same general area. “Could it be?” I wondered. But then I figured it was just gas and ignored it.

Then last night, as I was on the phone with Jen, I felt it again. “Pop!” After a few more – in various places – I hung up the phone and said to Cute Husband, “I think I can feel the baby move.”

Well, today I’ve noticed the little “popping” happens when I eat something starchy. At lunch (spaghetti with marinara), I felt it, then just now after I ate a snack of some croutons. But when I hold my belly to see if I can feel the baby from the outside, nothing happens.

I know something is going on in there. I’d just like for it to be a little more obvious!


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