Systems failing – energy level dangerously low…

It is only 8:30, and I feel like it’s midnight. An hour and a half ago, my husband fixed himself a cup of coffee, and I asked him if he didn’t think the caffeine would keep him up all night. My sense of time has been irreparably damaged today.

So, I got up at Oh-Dark-Hundred and headed to Staples for my one Christmas shopping trip of the day. I bought a bunch of stuff at ridiculous prices, including something for my husband’s birthday and one of his Christmas presents. I also bought a heavy-duty shredder, only because my existing shredder is very little and we get a lot of junk mail.

About the trip to Staples… I arrived at 5:15 (the store didn’t open until 6), and there was already a pretty extensive line. I would guess there were at least 80 people in front of me. I liked their system, though. They had vouchers for all the items on the front page of their ad, and once the vouchers were gone, it meant they were out of that item. Then, once you got into the store, you went to the back of the store to redeem your vouchers. It was brilliant!

They didn’t have carts, though, and since the shredder I bought was pretty big, I stood in the checkout line basically kicking the shredder’s box and lugging my little basket full of other (heavy) goodies. A Staples associate saw that I was buying the shredder and offered me a warranty on it, which I declined, only because I’ve had my little cheap shredder for almost 4 years – and if that didn’t break down after all the shredding I put it through, I felt very confident that this larger, heavy duty shredder, would last. But since he was talking to me, I asked him if he could please see if there were any carts available. He basically blew me off, which I didn’t appreciate.

But chivalry, I learned this morning, is not dead! A very kind gentlemen in line behind me went out into the parking lot and got a cart for me. A completely random stranger showed great kindness – and even helped me put the very heavy shredder in the cart! My faith in mankind was restored. My faith in Staples associates was still tarnished, but my faith in my fellow man was greatly restored.

After I paid, I loaded my car with my goodies and headed home. I quickly wrapped the presents I bought (before my husband could see them), then went out to breakfast with my husband and father-in-law. (Incidentally, the service at the Cracker Barrel was incredibly slow. Chris thinks it was an issue in the kitchen, but whatever it was, we were there for about an hour and a half!) Then, after we stopped back at home for a bit, I headed out again to the Home Depot and bought new plants for my indoor garden. My basil had died from neglect, and my thyme perished not long after. I also wanted to get some new herbs and test them out (dill, which I love but have always had difficulty growing, and cilantro), and I decided to try my hand at salad greens (specifically romaine lettuce). Chris and his dad met me there, and we walked around a bit looking for supplies needed to finish the Tiki Bar in my living room.

I then spent the next few hours transplanting my new acquisitions into larger containers. Before I knew it, the sun was going down. When I sat down in the shower an hour later to wash my feet (the only way I can do it now), it finally hit me how tired I was!

So, now that I’ve eaten and taken my last antibiotic, I think I’m ready for bed. Let’s just hope I don’t spend most of the night coughing like last night – and that my body will let me sleep long after the sun comes up!


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