I hate being sick

My fever came back yesterday, and the Tylenol I took earlier in the day didn’t seem to have much of an effect on it. So, I broke out the prescription antibiotics. Now we wait…

The worst thing about this is that I can’t even take the heavy-duty hitter OTC meds that I would normally take if I weren’t responsible for another’s growth and development. I’m on regular strength Tylenol and one Sudafed; I took Benadryl out of the equation because (a) I can’t function at work with it and (b) I am confident that whatever I have has progressed into sinusitis (hence the antibiotics) and Benadryl is useless against that.

On the positive side, my throat isn’t nearly as sore as it was yesterday and I’ve been able to cough up a lot of ugly sputum. On the bad side, my ears are hurting again, due in large part to the huge build up of pressure inside my brain. Oh, what I would give for a little relief! At least then I could concentrate (or sleep)!

So, now I have this monster headache that I’ve been getting if I don’t get enough rest on top of this monster sinus pressure headache from my illness. It’s only been 5 days, and yet I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t sick – it seems so long ago! I’m so glad I go back to the doctor for my regular visit on Monday. I’ll hear the baby’s heartbeat again, and it will reassure me that while I feel like crap on the outside, my baby is doing just fine on the inside.

I just wonder how he/she is managing to get any rest between my coughing fits. Lord knows I’m not getting any sleep.


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