My fever broke!

Sometime in the middle of the night, my fever broke. I won’t go into how I knew it did, but needless to say when I took my temperature, it was around 98.4 degrees. This morning was 98.2, and just now it was 98.5, so I’m feeling rather confident that the fever is gone. The nurse at my OB’s office yesterday was very surprised at how in touch I am with my body. She asked if I thought I was running a fever, and I said, “Just a low-grade fever. I’ll bet my temperature right now registers around 99 degrees.” Sure enough, she took my temp and it was 99.1 – I really do scare myself sometimes.

Tylenol has been taken out of my OTC cocktail, since it was only there to bring my fever down. The sore throat, chest congestion, and aching ears are still there, though. I have a strong suspicion that the ear aches will go away as soon as my throat feels better.

Cute Husband left a while ago to go to Doug and BK’s house, so he probably won’t be back until closer to dinner, maybe even later. There’s no telling. In the meantime, I’ve had a baked potato, a slice of cheese, and a whole bunch of (calcium-enriched) orange juice, and I’ll be having more orange juice to wash down my meds (I’ve decided to cut my Benadryl dosage in half – I couldn’t function last night after taking 2 capsules). So really, it’s just as well that he went to their house; I plan on sleeping so much that I doubt I will even notice.

So much for another productive weekend!


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