It sucks to be me… (or more random complaints)

Cute Husband is sick, and whatever he had, I think I’ve picked up. I skipped a dinner last night because my throat was starting to hurt and I decided (and my boss agreed) that the best thing for me to do was go to Walgreens, talk to the pharmacist, and nip this thing in the bud. Thank God I had my flu shot 10 days ago.

Well, I’ve been up since 1:30, either sucking on a throat lozenge, drinking water, eating breakfast bars, or peeing. Oh, and I took a Tylenol because my thermometer registered my temperature at 99.68 degrees. Hey – at least it’s still under 100.

The weather certainly isn’t helping. Tomorrow morning will be in the 50s (which may as well be 20 below for me – I am, after all, a So Cal girl) with a high in the low 70s (which feels like 50 to me). So, there’s a high likelihood that I will be phoning my doctors tomorrow to get myself checked out. The last thing I want is to have this thing linger. It’s bad enough I don’t like chicken or anything chicken-related (except hard-boiled eggs, but that’s a totally different thing anyway), but when it cuts into my sleep and makes lying down that much more uncomfortable (like having to sleep on my side with my growing belly – I’m a regular back sleeper – isn’t enough), it really needs to end.

As an aside, though, I’m seriously jonesing for some tomato soup and a good, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Sadly, the ingredients for such dishes aren’t here in my house (I didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend).

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